Are you an aspiring writer, a self published indie author or signed to a traditional publisher?

It makes no difference at what stage you are. If you write then you need your work to be read...and for that you not only need good writing, but to understand about marketing and self promotion. Writing a great book is only half the battle, it's no good to anyone if they don't know that it exists!

For most writers, simply getting their first book published is the holy grail. Yet what many don't realise is that it doesn't end there - in fact it's just the beginning. Few publishers pay an advance, and even if they do their marketing and promotional budgets are limited. So how are you going to sell your book?

I set up Xposure - an offshoot to my marketing consultancy company - because with nearly twenty year's experience in marketing, and having been signed to a traditional publisher as N J Simmonds with my own YA fantasy romance series 'The Path Keeper', I am one of very few marketers who can relate to writers. 

I can help you with:

- Author consultation on writing and promotions
- Ghost writing, editing and proofreading
- Cover design
- Blurb writing
- Social media set up and strategy
- Author and book branding
- Website development
- Online marketing
- Exposure among your reader base
- PR (local, national and international)
- Events
- Launches
- Pre-launch strategy

Please tell me more about your writing project and I will get back to you with a no-obligation review of how I can support you as an author. 

Getting your work read is, after all, the reason why you write. 


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