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Monday 23 October
By Natali Drake


I have a secret, a big secret. I have discovered how to have a job and get paid without doing a day's work. Want to know how? Come closer and I'll whisper it to you...

Enjoy what you do.

Did you hear that? It's so simple, I don't know why I didn't think it of it sooner. All those years that I woke up screaming at my alarm clock at how I hated Monday mornings. It wasn't Monday's fault it followed fun Saturday and lazy Sunday. Nope, what I really hated was my job. I hated scrabbling out of my warm bed, battling my way to the office, sitting among other people that resented being at their desk instead of, well, anywhere else, then having to hold out the full eight hours until the short hand eventually crawled to five o'clock and released me. And do you think I did a great job while sitting there staring at the clock and muttering, 'why don't I ever win the lottery? Why do I have to do this for the next forty two years? It's not fair'?
I doubt it.

Then a revelation hit me. The world's simplest equation, and here it is...

1. Find out what you enjoy doing.
2. If you enjoy it, you will do it well (and smile more of course, which everyone likes)
3. If you are good at something, then people will want you to do it for them too.
4. If people want your help/product then you can charge them money for it.
5. If you are being paid for something then you have a job. One that doesn't feel like work.

See? Simple.

You may not earn as much money as you did sitting at that desk all day frowning at the clock and muttering - but my God you will feel a whole lot of happy. And everyone needs happy!



I work with a lot of happy people, a lot of creative talented clients that make a living from doing what they enjoy. And guess what? They love what they do so much they don't want to do anything else, so they leave their branding, writing and marketing to me. Why? Because I LOVE marketing and writing. I jump out of bed every morning shouting 'stick on your sunglasses world, these people are gonna get a whole lot shinier today' and off I go blowing everyone's trumpets for it were!  

Just take a look at this photo of me hard at work on a photo shoot, (that was my second glass of bubbly by the way, the first got spilled over the child models).

'How did she get so jammy?' I hear you cry. 

Because I worked out a big secret. I love what I do and I'm bloody good at it, it works and so my clients are happy. Which makes me love my job more. So go for it, take the plunge, go do what you love and the money will follow. I promise. And you can leave the boring bits, like finding customers, to me - because that's what I love to do!!

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1 Comment
anne weltens - Hello Natali,
I can not more agree with you.
I am a mandala painter for the last 14 years and i am really good at it.
The web photos do not capture the real beauty but will give you an idea.
Where i am looking for is custumers to buy them or make them for them.
As that is what you offer, i am looking forward talking to you.

Love anne