Hi, I'm Natali Drake.

Since 1998 I have specialised in all aspects of marketing, writing and creative promotions for clients in London, the south of Spain, The Netherlands and Australia. I've worked both within the marketing departments of established brands (including five star hotels The Savoy and Claridge's) and headed teams at London agencies where I managed international promotional campaigns for clients including HSBC, McVities, Budweiser and Nike. I have written for in-house publications for clients such as the Metropolitan Police and Shell, and have worked on the ad production of various Hearst Magazines including Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Harpers & Queen.

I studied at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and have qualifications in Psychotherapy and Feature Writing from City University. As a freelance writer I have written for the UK newspapers such as The Independent, along with a variety of online magazines, with two of my essays appearing in The Mother Book anthology. I am co-founder of online women's magazine The Glass House Girls and also writer and editor of lifestyle photography site ClickTheC.com

As a digital brand specialist I lecture at The Hague University on the topics including Online Marketing, Social Media Content Management, Corporate Storytelling, Creative Business Communication Strategy and Self Branding - plus am often invited to be key speaker at 'women in business' and literary events.

As N J Simmonds I'm author of fantasy romance novels for young adults. My new series  'The Indigo Chronicles' debuts spring 2019 (BHC Press).