Successful marketing isn't simply about getting to know your clients, it's ensuring that your clients understand you. In order to do that, you need to recognise your brand's core values and communicate them effectively.

The secret to positive brand recognition and client retention is in communication that works. You may be reaching out to your customers on every available platform - but are you engaging in a way they remember?

In an age where we're constantly bombarded with messages and sales tactics, spoiled for choice on price and ease, the brands that survive are those that connect with us emotionally. Dependable. Consistent. Connected. The trusted brands who understand their clients.

Natali Drake Consultancy turns good brands into great brands. We revolutionise the way your business thinks, and how your clients think of you, using a purely a creative and communicative approach.

Here's how:

Brand consultancy

Get to the very core of your brand values and ensure your client communication is on-point. If you don't know what your business stands for, then you can't connect with your customers. Having worked both in-house and at agency level on hundreds of sales promotion and advertising campaigns, my team and I can now bring that expertise to your table.

Public Speaking & Lecturing

As The Hague University of Applied Science's lecturer of Corporate Storytelling, I teach the importance of using stories to reflect your brand. Likewise, I regularly speak at schools, business summits and writing events on a variety of topics. This also includes training and workshops.

Copy writing

It's not just about what you say, it's how you say it, which is why it's vital that all communication linked to your business reflects your brand voice and values. Whether it be radio ads and website copy, or blogs and press releases, we can help ensure your brand says what it means. 

In today's market, USPs and stats alone don't sell - you need a brand story and you need to engage. 

Get in touch and discover how we can help.